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K&B Molded Products Blog

3 Essential Questions for Your Injection Molder

Posted by Joe Berberich on May 31, 2016

Injection molding is popular for many reasons: better quality, less expense, and faster turnaround are all valuable perks in part manufacturing.

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Commercial vs. Fine Molding Tolerances: Do You Know What You Need for Your Project’s Material?

Posted by Joe Berberich on May 3, 2016

Every plastic is different. Derived from different source materials with different synthetization methods, the properties and costs of plastics vary widely.

One of these properties, however, is sometimes overlooked in the plastic injection molding process: the tolerances that given plastics can hold. Knowing the tolerance requirements for your project’s material plays a major factor in its ultimate production cost.

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How Can Appliance Manufacturers Cut Costs?

Posted by K & B Molded Products on April 4, 2016

As any manufacturer can tell you, not all parts are created equally.

While a standard washer can be simple and fast to manufacture, other parts — like numbered knobs on ovens, for example — may require requiring multiple production processes or highly specialized services. These services can quickly run up in-house production costs.

This is especially true for appliance manufacturers, whose products are consumer-facing and often feature complex parts. To keep costs of complex parts low, consider using a turnkey manufacturer.

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Plastic Injection Molding Market to Reach $162 Billion by 2020

Posted by Joe Berberich on February 25, 2016

The plastic injection molding market will reach a $162 billion valuation by 2020, according to a recent Allied Market Research’s World Injection Molded Plastic Market Opportunities and Forecasts report.

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Are Your CAD Drawings Affecting Turnaround Time?

Posted by Joe Berberich on February 10, 2016

Computer-aided design (CAD) drawings are the basis of the vast majority of industrial projects.

A comprehensive set of CAD drawings is vital to the manufacturing process. Manufacturers, from job shops to large-scale injection molders, prefer to work from 3D CAD files and many, in fact, require them.

But the complexity of these file types can sometimes lead to errors, slowing down your plastic injection molded project’s time to market.

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10 Key Terms You Need to Know about Plastic Injection Molding

Posted by Joe Berberich on January 18, 2016

Plastic injection molding requires careful planning from material selection to mold design and characteristics.

injection-molding-glossary-cover.jpgTo ensure that the injection molding process runs as smoothly as possible for your next project, it’s beneficial to understand a few basic concepts.

A fundamental understanding of key terms will foster better communication between the manufacturer and injection molder, resulting in quicker turnaround and a higher level of satisfaction with the job.

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3 Things You Didn’t Know K&B Could Make

Posted by Joe Berberich on January 12, 2016

From Marine to HVAC, Manufacturing for All Applications

The versatility of injection molded plastic makes it an ideal material for thousands of applications. When also considering the combination of value-added services such as mold design, over-molding, hot stamping, sonic welding, and heat transfer, the possibilities for plastic components to suit nearly any industry are endless.

This tremendous potential means that custom work at K&B has produced many unusual components — and some of our favorite projects to date.

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Benefits of a Turnkey Manufacturer

Posted by Joe Berberich on December 15, 2015

If your part isn’t designed with the proper materials, it can lead to poor performance — or even failure — of the application it’s used in.

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K&B Molded Products Featured on Engineering.com for Turnkey Manufacturing Services

Posted by Joe Berberich on December 1, 2015

K&B Molded Products was recently featured in an article on Engineering.com, a leading publication for engineering news that offers relevant content and highlights from the industry.

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From Design to Delivery: How an Injection Molding Turnkey Solution Works

Posted by Joe Berberich on October 27, 2015

Let’s talk about thermoplastic injection molding — not just about the quality, or the cost value or fast turnaround. 

We’d like to take a deep dive into the complete plastic injection molding process — from design all the way to packaging and shipping. Utilizing a turnkey solution ensures that the material and mold is the perfect fit for your product.

Check out the steps and illustrations below that answer the real question at hand: how does it actually work?

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